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Protection from Within

Monday, October 30th @ 8pm

Yehuda Ashkenazi & Alison Serour

Event Date: 
Monday, October 30, 2017 - 8:00pm

The Kabbalah Centre Los Angeles,
1062 S Robertson Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA, 90035, us

Price: $15 | or $20 when combined with Rejuvenating the Mind

The energy around us has the ability to shift depending on the choices we make, the people we spend time with, or the thoughts we entertain. We can surround ourselves with either positive or negative energy. The Zohar teaches that Rachel the Matriarch was able to create a shield against unwanted energy in her life, thereby becoming the spiritual protector of all mankind. We can invite the essence of her vibrant energy into our lives in order to offer ourselves protection from unwanted negativity.

This one-time seminar guides students in a deep exploration of kabbalistic tools for protection. Through exercises and meditation, students will gain insight allowing them to tap into Rachel’s powerful protective energy.

The seminar includes a workshop and a guided meditation.

Habrá traducción simultánea en español.

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