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Demystifying the Zohar

David Ghiyam

Event Date: 
Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 7:00pm

The Kabbalah Centre Los Angeles,
1062 S Robertson Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA, 90035, us

Price: $10

Revealed more than 2,000 years ago, the Zohar is a spiritual text that explains the secrets of the Bible, the Universe, and every aspect of life. It is a guidebook to the lost divine nature of our souls. For thousands of years, kabbalists have known that the Zohar contains a powerful energy within its pages that has the capabilities of elevating consciousness, bringing protection, and imparting clarity. 

Don’t miss this chance to delve deeply into the powerful wisdom of the Zohar, featuring unique insights and content not taught in other classes. Learn how to understand the language of the Zohar and receive practical explanations of some of its more mystical concepts, such as the aura and surrounding Light. Join us to unravel the profound secrets of the Zohar and use its energy to elevate your consciousness.

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